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Liliane Stewart and Her Collecting Philosophy
Modernists Abroad 10
The collection 151
The collection Protractor Étagère, B22 Rotary Food Press, Wear-Ever Sink, Monel Coffee Table Iron, Sterling Streamline, Model no. SA-4344 Garbage Pail, Cinderella Armchair Coffeemaker, Wear-Ever, Model no. 5052 Kettle, Wear-Ever Griddle, Wear-Ever, Model no. 383 Plumb Bob, Model no. 5724-12 oz. Outside Firm-Joint Calipers Toaster, Toastmaster Pitcher, Normandie Pitcher and Tray, Thermos Sink, Neuvogue Shortwave Radio Receiver, Radio Nurse Table Fan, Airflow Coffee Service Radio, Silvertone Rocket Desk Lamp, Executive Scoring Stencil Punch Two Vases Modular Furniture Textile, Sportsmen’s Blues Steak Knives, Miming Meat Slicer, Streamliner Side Chair Table Lamp Textile, Textura Prima Solida Two Pitchers, Town & Country Lounge Chair, LCW Dinnerware, Iroquois Casual China Pitcher, Bowl, Two Covered Bowls, Creamer, Six Iced Tea Spoons, Tupperware Lounge Chair Drapery Textile Chess Table Armchair, Round Armchair, Chieftain Vase, Fazzoletto Armchair, LAR Storage Unit, ESU Side Chair Vases and Bowl, Veckla Portable Typewriter, Lettera 22 Lounge Chair, Flag Halyard Placard, Experiment in Totality, Moholy-Nagy Armchair Portable Osterett Electric Mixer Vases Armchair, Diamond Lamp, Anywhere Lounge Chair Side Chair, Ant Dining Table Floor Lamp Lounge Chair Sofa-Table Lounge Unit, 6GU Textile, Remoulade Stool, Mezzadro Armchair, Pedestal Side Chair, Superleggera Floor Lamp, Luminator Table Lamp Decanter Radio and Record Player, Phonosuper SK5 Bowls, Cinderella Armchair, Egg Armchair, Cone Carafe Side Chairs Desk, Arco Poster, Stile Olivetti Textile, Lokki (Seagull) Hi-fi Stereo Cabinet, Project G Armchair, Elda Side Chair Hair Dryer Smoke Collection of Stemware Vase, Finlandia Lounge Chair, Tongue Record Player, Pop 45 Chair, Pastille or Gyro Chair, Plona Storage Cart, Boby Waste Basket, In Attesa Ice Bucket Calculator, Divisumma 18 Lounge Chair and Ottoman Chair, Easy Edges Table Lamp, Tizio Bar Tools Table Fan, Ariante Chair, Cab Calculator, Control, ET 22 Table Lamp, Atollo Chair, Balans Variable Armchair, Seconda Table Lamp, Nastro Floor Lamp, Tenderly Stacking Chairs, Handkerchief Portable Typewriter, ETP 55 Armchair, How High the Moon The Thinking Man’s Chair BBQ Set Kettles, Hot Bertaa Armchair Prototype, Cross Check Tablecloth, Non Cloth Mixing Bowls, Good Grips Chair, Aeron Chair, Geknoopte Stoel (Knotted Chair) Vases, Sans Titre Bench and Folding Screen, Carta Reversible Bench, Wireframe Stacking Chair, No. 3 Stacking Chairs, Air Telephone & Answering System Armchair, MX200 Bicycle Helmet, Limar F-111 Bowl, Moon Snail White Armchair, Honey-Pop Vase and Fruit Basket, B.M. (Bell Metal) Athletic Shoes, Air Max Contact Table Lamp, Agaricon Watering Cans, Vallö, PS Collection Baskets, Akasma Table, Diana E Tulip Vase, Coffeepot, and Cups, Black Gold Armchair, Louis Ghost Insulated Jug, Quack Vase, VSA Trays, Mono-Cimetric Flatware Place Setting Chair, C2, Solid collection Lamp, Leaf Light Handbag, Punch-Bag Vase, E-Li-Li Milk Can, Water Carafe, Vinegar Flask Glassware, Glass Family Armchair, Masters Mug, Coffee Cup and Saucer, Paper Porcelain Stool, ErgoErgo Task Chair, 360° Centerpiece, Niche ZH02 Portable Radio, Safe Lamp, Binic Cake Plate, Essentiel de Pâtisserie Two Watches, Neko Three Walking Canes, Chatfield
Timeless Good Design 10