20 Everyday Objects
Set of plastic food containers in  different sizes of rectangles in translucent blues, yellows, greens, and red, all with translucent white lids, and fitting together in a cube-shaped stack.

Use It Food Containers

Designed by
Constantin Boym (born 1955), Laurene Leon Boym (born 1964)
Translucent polypropylene
Produced by
Authentics, Holzgerlingen, Germany
22.8 x 18.9 x 16.2 cm (ensemble)

The Liliane and David M. Stewart Program for Modern Design, 2007.5.1–8

The Authentics company, known for making translucent plastic products, hired the Boyms to create “a universal set of plastic containers.” The result was this set of stacking containers, which may be assembled like a set of building blocks.

Similar to midcentury Tupperware, the containers illustrate principles of Good Design, as described by Constantin Boym: “Our work on the project attempted to simplify and eliminate every unnecessary articulation or detail.”