20 Everyday Objects
White porcelain teapot. Its form is a smooth rounded rectangle with handle and spout with a simple, low handle set on the lid.

Moon Teapot

Designed by
Jasper Morrison (born 1959)
Produced by
Rosenthal, Selb, Germany
11 x 15 x 26 cm

The Liliane and David M. Stewart Program for Modern Design, gift of S. Bernard Paré, 2017.2

Part of Morrison’s line of Moon serving ware for Rosenthal, this teapot fits the mandates for Good Design at midcentury. Its undecorated, pure white porcelain body expresses its function with its simple spout, handle, and lid.

In 2006, Morrison teamed up with Naoto Fukasawa to organize Super Normal: Sensations of the Ordinary, an exhibition that championed Good Design but, more specifically, unpretentious design found in ordinary everyday objects over time. “Super Normal” is defined by what objects do not have: decoration, originality, recognizable style or brand identity—all aspects considered essential to so many past designs.