The collection
Set of nested mixing bowls. Each bowl is white plastic with black rubber on its handle and base.

Mixing Bowls, Good Grips

Designed by
Smart Design, Davin Stowell (born 1953) and Stephen Allendorf (born 1954)
Santoprene, rubber
Produced by
OXO International, El Paso, Texas
Largest: 15 x 29 x 23 cm

The Liliane and David M. Stewart Program for Modern Design, gift of Dr. Michael Sze,* 2007.29.1–3

OXO International specializes in creating products of Universal Design—everyday objects that make life easier for the most people possible. Their designs have accommodating features in consideration of individuals with special needs but also appeal to everyone with their easy-to-use features and pleasing appearance.

The name OXO was chosen because, whether it is horizontal, vertical, upside down, or backward, it always reads OXO, reflecting the company’s design-for-all mission. Smart Design in New York has created many of the Good Grips kitchen products, including these three mixing bowls in graduated sizes. The black rubber on the base steadies the bowl, and on the handle it provides the user a secure grip.

The Stewart Program for Modern Design, photo: Denis Farley.